harley quinn #2

I really made it! I’ve finished the costume!

First I made the sleeves. I used the pattern from the ball gown – that was very useful.
A red one and a black one.

I managed to insert the zipper… somehow.

I realized, that the collar I cut out was way to tiny, so I made a new one.

Making these diamond patches was really annoying. They don’t look so good. Crooked and everything.
But I let a few spots open at the upper seams, so that I can use them as small pockets.

Tadaaa! The foto is not in a good quality – I know… sorry for that. Was the best one I shot 🙂


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  1. David Karich says:

    Oh cool. Looks like a lot of work. Was worth it!

    • ebeling says:

      Well, not really. Maybe about 7-8 hours. I thought I would have to spend more time on that. And I only payed 30 Euro in total (and there is a lot of spare fabric left over). If you buy a Harley Quinn costume you’d have to spend 70-170 Euro. So it was really worth it… and it’s not that slutty as most of the buyable costumes 🙂


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