harley quinn #1

I paused my work on the ball gown to get the “Harley Quinn” costume done before carnival starts.
I only have time today and tomorrow for that, so I have to get going 🙂

First I made a quick pattern. Used a dress I bought recently as a model.
It’s a quite cheap synthetic fabric so I made every piece double layered to make it stronger.

This is how it looks sewed together.

I did the same with the skirt and combined the parts.

And I started to cut out the collar part.

I spent about 4 hours till now. Tomorrow I will have to insert the zipper.
Never done this before, but I’ll do my very best 🙂


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  1. ch i ca says:

    How fid the collar turn out?

  2. ch i ca says:


  3. Katie says:

    I started a new one and that went well. You can see it on the later post Harley #2 🙂


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