create an avatar

After a lot of people asked me to draw them a facebook profile picture,
I’ve decided to make a little app so that everyone can create one on their own.

Sadly I’m so bad in actionscript that I have no clue how to save the image on disc.
I’ve found a lot of tutorials but it’s too much for my little brain.

However, I suppose that mostly all people using the internet know how to make a screenshot

UPDATE 16.01.2013: My dear colleague helped me with this little issue, so that now it is possible to save the image to your hard drive! 🙂
Thanks Holger! 🙂

I’ve also added three new colors to the clothing: pink, lilac and green!

Have fun!

P.S: Certainly you are allowed to use your generated avatar on facebook or anywhere else. If you like me I would be glad, if you telled your friends that I made them 🙂



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