ball gown #3

Yesterday I finally managed to continue the work on the dress.

I made the sleeves which reach do the elbow and grow wider at the end.
They’re also puffed at the top.

This was the most complicated part. I guess I pinned them about 4 times until I was slightly satisfied but yet not sure if it would work out right.
It’s a quite fiddly procedure but it looks okay… especially for the first time I’ve ever done this 🙂
The point that the damask unravels really quick was a double challenge.

Afterwards I cheated a small bridge so that the puffed sleeves don’t hang down. Don’t know if that’s the propper way to do it but it worked for me 🙂

Finally… the torso part is done! Sadly I don’t have a dress form yet. That would have made everything way more easy. I don’t know how many pricks I have from testing my pinnings. 🙂



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