ball gown #1

So, well… I tried myself in making this dress.

First step was to measure me out and make a pattern. I have no experience in this but i suppose (and hope) it went quite well.
I skipped the part of making the pattern, because I think it looks a bit unprofessional. 🙂

I’ve made the two back pieces, which will be tied together like a corsage. Note to me: Borrow the riveter from my brother.
The fabric is jaquard. I love the color an the feeling!

I starched the inner border with a part of an old tweed jacket so that there will be enough hold for the strings to pull.
Please keep in mind, that this is my first sewing project… it’s just supposed to look good on the outside so far 🙂

Then I started the corsage part. I “borrowed” the sticks from a cheap corsage and sewed them in. It’s a bit crooked, but I’m glad I got those little pieces of…. loveeeeee…. in there!
And with the outer part no one will see them 🙂

Tomorrow I will finish the front piece of the torso part. And soon I will see, if this stuff fits me 🙂


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  1. Mette says:

    Wow- das ist sooooo cool! Ist es schon fertig?


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